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Well, that was the most fun I have had in the theatre, well, since I saw John Barrowman as Robin Hood in pantomime a couple of years ago: David Tennant and Catherine Tate as Beatrice and Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing; rather like a pantomime as well, singing and dancing and the entire cast giving the impression that they were having a really good time. The audience certainly had a good time: at one point the two principles ‘corpsed’ on stage and the audience went into helpless giggles with them as they tried, not very successfully, to recover their composure. Tennant really knows how to play an audience.
As a struggling writer/actor/manager, Shakespeare would have loved it.

Tennant’s Hamlet was filmed for TV. I hope they film this as well.

A nice contrast to the previous evening, spent watching Turandot: brilliant singing by the Welsh National Opera, but what a turkey of a story. Turandot turned up in the second act wearing a blue mid-calf business suit and a blonde hairstyle which made her look just like Mrs. Thatcher. It has to have been intentional – no-one could have chosen that outfit for a medieval Chinese princess by accident. The ‘hero´was just as unpleasant. When the slave girl kills herself to save him, he just says: ‘she is dead’, ignoring the fact that she continues to crawl over the stage for the next couple of minutes. As Mr. H said, the two main characters deserved each other.

Until now I had Tannhauser labelled as the worst opera story ever, but I think Turandot pushes it into second place. I’m not sure what we were doing there in the first place because Mr. H tells me that he does not like Puccini. Why he would spend good money on tickets for an opera by a composer he does not like is beyond me.

Well, at least it got me away from the dreadful smell from the fridge/freezer which had died, so that all the contents were rotting. Even after I had cleared it out the stink persisted for a couple of days.
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