hawera (hawera) wrote,

We have had a break-in at my house in London.

I am in Cardiff, but my room-mate (in the US sense of the word) Gus had just put her toddler, Ioka, to bed and put the lights off in the extension when she heard footsteps on the roof of the extension. She grabbed the child and ran out of the front door. She went next door and left the child and by the time she got back to the house and called the police the thief/thieves had jemmied the window on the first floor back room, gone straight downstairs and put the chain on the front door to delay anyone trying to get in.

The police were there in six minutes. By that time the thieves had gone and had taken with them the two laptops in the house but do not seem to have taken much more. I will have a good look when I get back but they seem to have been looking for electronics that were easy to pick up and to flog, and we don’t go in much for a lot of that stuff. I was a bit peeved that they had found my computer, which I had hidden under the bedclothes in my bed. I imagine they will equally be a bit peeved when they find that it is very much on its last legs and has a shift key missing, so it will not be likely to fetch very much. I knew I was going to have to replace it soon anyway. Fortunately I had backed it up a couple of weeks ago.

The surmise is that they thought the builders might have left some tools around, but they took them home every evening. Having seen all the things we don’t have, we do not think they will be back any time soon.

Actually, it was a bit reminiscent on that ad they used to have on TV where the girl tells her neighbour that he has been burgled and that the burglars have left the place in a dreadful mess, which he takes as a sign that he should call in a cleaner. The builders were putting in a new bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe, so I had moved a clothes rail into the new area but left most of the clothes in a pile on the chair. My neighbour was very embarrassed when she told me that it looked as if the thieves had been through all my clothes and left the room in a mess, only to be told that no, that was how I had left it.

Ah well, it could have been a lot worse.
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