hawera (hawera) wrote,

I was walking to the Underground along Oxford Street when I noticed that I was walking past a long queue of young people, rather like the queue outside the 100 Club that time. I looked to see if there was a club, and then thought there must be a celebrity opening a new shop but no, they were lining up outside the Salvation Army! How weird is that.


At school I remember being told in history about 1848, the Year of Revolution in Europe. Then, when I first met Mr. H we went on holiday together in the south of Spain and afterwards drove up through Spain and France to spend Xmas in Ferriere-Larcon. We had the car radio on much of the time, as as we listened the drama unfolded: the Berlin Wall came down, the Ceauseskus were killed in Romania, and the Iron Curtain crumbled.

The North African and Middle Eastern situation feels like that.

I credit Obama with the foresight to over-rule attempts by the US Foreign Office to prop up an unsustainable status quo (in the interests of stability), attempts that would ultimately have been unsuccessful because the flood of public opinion would have overwhelmed them. Of course, not all revolutions are successful: Libya will be a much harder nut to crack, but the trend is unstoppable.

“There is a flood in the affairs of men……….”
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